Creating the future of food, humanity and mother earth from Space.

Creating the future of food, humanity and mother earth from Space.

"How would earth look like from up there?"

I wondered as the brightness of the full moon lit the roads on my way back home.


We were born on earth and we benefit from that fact throughout our  everyday life. 

This will continue as long as humanity evolves.


But until now, humanity has destroyed the forest to produce food, threw away unfinished food, and made a pile of trash that can not be resolved.

Are we still going to continue messing up our earth for the future generation?


We believe that "space" holds the solution. 

In a resource-limited universe, people will reuse waste and excrement, will reconsider their nutrition balance and will redefine what "delicious" means to us.


In 2040, it is said that 1000 people will live on the moon.

Until then, let’s together create a sustainable, truly rich future society for humanity together.

Bringing together the power of Japanese "technology", "business" and "culture", we will change the future from food; in space and of course on earth.


My little girl looked up at me with a big smile.

This reconfirmed what I was fighting for. 


SFX Moon Vision 2040

How would life in space look like in 2040?
What do we need to achieve a fully sustainable system? 
Here we present the 1st version of how Space Food X envisions the future life on moon.

Comfort and Joy Even in a Closed Ecological System

To protect ourselves from vacuum and radiation of the universe, people living in space will need to live in a closed ecological system. In such an environment, having a comfortable and ordinary meal is the key to create a rich and healthy connection among each other. Providing the best meal experience with limited resources is key for creating a community with comfort and joy even in an extreme environment. 
Thinking how to achieve this in space will provide us with important lessons about how to best live on our mother earth. 


Efficiently Creating Nutrition

and Oxygen through Bio Food

There are high expectations in micro-algae and cultured meat especially nowadays, when we are facing the so called "protein crisis". Micro-algae is efficiently produced, has abundant nutrients, and has functions such as immunity enhancement. It can also create oxygen through photosynthesis with the carbon-dioxide exhaled by human and therefore, is the perfect bio-material for space life. In addition, we can not afford to grow cattle and birds that require a large amount of resources in space. This is where cultured meat is needed as it can efficiently produce meat and fish, saving space and resources. These bio-ingredients will truly be the key technology to solve food problems of space and the earth.

Fresh Vegetables even

in Space

As agriculture requires a vast amount of land, large forest areas are being destroyed and converted, which is said to be one cause of global warming. Plant factories are one solution to this issue. Nowadays, completely closed plant factory systems with high production efficiency are being developed. Heavy research is conducted on how to produce highly functional crops using closed plant factories and genome editing technology. Vegetable harvesting robots are also being developed. There is definitely a need for people to eat fresh, nutritious foods such as lettuce, tomatoes and strawberries and we think that plant factories can be the solution.

Avatars for Housework

and Dangerous Work

It is very costly for people to live in space. Therefore, time in space is very valuable. Avatar robots can be a solution to allow humans to work more productively. It can create a situation where we remotely control robots to cook and do housework while chatting on earth. Avatars have also the potential to work in dangerous environments, such as machine maintenance of plant factories in a low-pressure environment. This will not put people who live in space at risk and is already being considered for usage in nuclear power plants, under-water areas, and other risky environments.

Creative Personalized

Food in Space

Food-Tech has become a trend on earth. 3D food printing is among some of the most interesting technologies being developed. By transmitting data from one place to another, it is possible to reproduce food/dishes in a cubed shape even from a distant place. We can efficiently cook personalized dishes that can  optimize nutrition, taste, and shape of each dish. Just as industrial 3D printers are rapidly becoming popular, 3D food printers will penetrate everyday life on earth and in space to bring a richer living environment.

Developing a Cost-efficient Circular System

Building a complete circular system is one of the most important issue to realize sustainability in space life. For a long time, research has been conducted on circular systems, especially from an ecological engineering perspective, and new technologies for resource reuse are been developed daily. Producing food super efficiently, fully consuming the resource, and completely reusing every waste is not an easy task even on earth. But when we are able to re-use even our drainage, exhaled air, and excrement, then we can say that we've created a fully sustainable system, which will truly be a solution for problems of the earth as well.


Our Vision & Mission

Our mission is to achieve a sustainable, well-being future for humanity

Space development is accelerating around the world. People will start life on Moon and Mars not too long from today. In order to live for a long period of time in outer space, various technology and ideas are required, especially for producing food efficiently with limited resources locally. Yet this food problem is not only a "space issue" but also very important for the future of earth, where population is still rapidly increasing and natural resources are exhausting. We at Space Food X combine the power of superior technology, business and culture from Japan to solve this issue of "food" that is common for both space and earth.


Our Roadmap

Creating a Mega-market that Grow Exponentially

Our first step is to bring together the knowledge and experience of various top runners of different fields and to create a clear scenario / action plan for R&D and business development. We will also support and promote each member's R&D, prototyping and business acceleration of both on ground and in space. In the long run, we will contribute to create and develop a food production system, a material circulation system and other food-related services for space, that will generate a new market that grows exponentially.


Space Food X Initiative

(Design Partner)


Latest Updates

Individual Members

Mizuki Komasa

Representative of Space Food X

Real Tech Fund Executive Officer / Growth Manager

Director of SIGMAXYZ Inc.

Organizor of Smart Kitchen Summit Japan

Deputy representative of Space Food X

Hirotaka Tanaka

Deputy representative of Space Food X

JAXA Business Development and Industrial Relations Department Producer of J-SPARC

Yuta Kikuchi


Hiroaki Akiyama

Cabinet Office

Space Development Strategy Office

Expert member of Space Policy Committee

House Foods Group Inc.

R&D Department

Innovation Planning Department

Masayoshi Kushi

Dentsu Inc.

Design Strategist


Ryosuke Sakaki



Masayuki Shimada

Director & Professor of

Tokyo Women’s Medical University - Waseda University Joint Institution for Advanced Biomedical Sciences (TWIns)

Tatsuya Shimizu

Kengo Suzuki

euglena Co.,Ltd.

Executive Officer/Head of R&D

Meltin MMI Co., Ltd.


Tatsuya Seki


Digital Design-Lab Chief Director /

Leader of Space Commercialization Project

Yoshiaki Tsuda

Professor at Tokyo University of Science

Photocatalysis International Research Center & Research Center for Space Colony

Chiaki Terashima

Space BD Inc.

Co-Founder & CEO

Masatoshi Nagasaki

Takeshi Nikawa

Professor of Tokushima University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences



Shintaro Nishikawa

IntegriCulture Inc.


Yuki Hanyu


Head of XR Business Development

Kouta Harada



Yutaka Hishiki

Go Funabashi


Second Divisio Satellite technology section Leader of Spacecraft Engineering Group

Specially Appointed Vice President

of Tokyo University of Science

Head of Research Center for Space Colony

Chiaki Mukai

Extreme Environment Architect
Representative of FIELD assistant

Yusuke Murakami


Minoru Moriya

Koji Yamada

PlantX Corp.


Mitsuru Kishimoto

RIKEN Officer of Future Strategy Office

Toyo Seikan Group Holdings Ltd Leader of Innovation Office

Ippei Miki

Takasago Electric, Inc.

Toshiro Maekawa


Takuji Okada

Hiroshi Ezura

Professor at Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba / Head of Tsukuba-Plant Innovation Research Center

Atsushi Ido

Guest Associate Professor, Graduate School of Agriculture, Ehime University / Patent Attorney




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